Cloud Robotics for Education and R&D

With Scaleup Robotics you can access real robot arms over the internet to learn about AI, Robotics & STEM. No matter if you are a high school student interested in learning about how AI is transforming the world or an experienced researcher. We let you control real robot arms in seconds to learn, run experiments and to test your hypotheses about key concepts in AI, science and engineering based on real world experimentation!

Zero setup time

We do it all for you. You just focus on learning, and you can interact with our robots right away. Book one robot to experiment, or 100 for your class or company and run interactive sessions right away. Users can work with our robots directly from your browser or via our Python API. It could not be simpler.

Accessible for all

With Scaleup Robotics, you can experiment with real robots no matter what your skill level is. We offer three paradigmns to work with the robots:

  • Control robots directly in the browser.
  • Use the popular graphical programming library Blockly
  • Write programs on your own laptop using our Python API